Workshop Ecal II

During a semaine speciale at the Ecal in Lausanne (30 april – 5 may 2009), I was invited to teach scripting in typedesign. I started with some basic python lessons in drawbot so the students could play with basic shapes applying scripts.

RoboThon 09

Robothon was great, super, fabulous and you can watch it over and over again.

Type Cast

TypeCast is in the first place a visual version control system. You can easily preview older versions of your UFOs. Uploading a UFO directly from fontlab to the server will create a revision. Restoring and animating through all of your revisions make it visually understandable.

check it out TypeCast

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This small fontfamily was part of the research for my final project in Type & Media. My starting-point was to design a broad nib and pointed pen version, true to the calligraphic principles of these pens. They do not solve any technical problem. They are not intended for use in a specific size, but I drew them with a text type in mind. I started with sketching and afterwards I digitalized these drawings. The expansion and translation are tuned to each other. Visually, they have the same x-height and the same darkness in text.