Frederik Berlaen is a typedesigner with a love for programming and scripting. After studying graphic design at Sint-lucas in Ghent, where he got the passion for pure black & white type, he went to study typedesign at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.

He successfully got a Master Degree at the postgraduate course Type & Media in 2006. His final project was not a typefamily but an application which studies the broadnip and pointed pen, called Kalliculator.

Frederik Berlaen works under the name of TypeMyType providing font services, programming and development of applications as RoboFont, DrawBot, UFOstretch and more. He teaches typedesign and scripting at Luca School of Arts Ghent, at ECAL in Lausanne from 2009 to 2015 and at Typography & Language post-graduate course in Esad Amiens since 2016.


  • TypeMyType
    • Frederik Berlaen
      • Halvemaanstraat 40
      • 9040 Sint-Amandsberg
      • Belgium
        • btw BE0842.623.360



  • Sint-Lucas

    Module type design in the graphic design course (7 weeks)

  • Sint-Lucas
    2008 - 2009

    Module type design in the graphic design course (13 weeks)

  • Luca School of Arts
    started 1 october 2009 - …

    40% lecturer, teaching typedesign.

  • Ecal
    2009 – 2013

    Interventions at the master Art Direction.

  • ESAD
    2016 - …

    Interventions at the master Typography & Language.



  • TypeAnsich
    Catapult, Antwerp
    5/10/06 – 7/12/06

    Fred Smeijers and a new generation of type designers,


Retail fonts



  • Ecal
    22th october – 26th of October, 2006
    30th april – 4th of May, 2007
    8th october – 11th of October, 2012
    16th - 19th of December, 2013
    Lausanne, Switzerland


  • Ebat
    10th december – 14th of December, 2013
    Toulouse, France


  • Cooper Union
    1st-2nd of June, 2013
    New York, USA

    RoboFont and scripting

  • Atypi Amsterdam
    9th of october, 2013
    Amsterdam, Netherlands


  • Axe Sud
    4th november – 8th of November, 2013
    Toulouse, France

    RoboFont and scripting

  • KADK
    6th – 10th of January, 2014
    Copenhagen, Denmark

    RoboFont and scripting

  • Atypi Barcelona
    17th of September, 2014
    Barcelona, Spain

    What Can I Do With RoboFont

  • KABK
    14th of February, 2014
    The Hague, Netherland

    RoboFont Q&A

  • Serebro Nabora
    1st - 3th of September, 2014
    Moscow, Rusia

    DrawBot + RoboFont (toghether with Just van Rossum)

  • HBKSaar
    7th - 10th of January, 2015
    Saarbrucken, Germany

    Type design

  • ESAD
    20th – 22nd of January, 2014
    16th - 18th of February, 2015
    29th of February - 2nd of March, 2016
    Amiens, France

    RoboFont and scripting

  • Recyclart
    10th - 12th of March, 2015
    Brussel, Belgium

    RoboFont & typeDesign

  • Atypi Warsaw
    13th of September, 2016
    Barcelona, Spain

    RoboFont In Practise

  • DVK, University of Split
    15th - 18th of March, 2017
    Split, Croatia

    Type Whispering

  • Typographics
    19th - 21th of June 2017
    New York, USA

    Whispering Type

  • Contrast Type Scripting workshop
    28th of July - 5th of August, 2018
    Moscow, Russia

    DrawBot and RoboFont scripting workshop

  • ERG
    21th- 23th of march, 2018
    Brussels, Belgium

    Type Whispering

  • HEAR Strassbourg
    30th of January - 1st of February, 2019
    Strassbourg, France

    Type Whispering