Publication IDPure

An interview in the 12th issue of IDpure (2007), a Swiss graphic design magazine. This issue was dedicated to typedesign. Other typedesigners being interviewed where Nikola Djurek, Kai Bernau, Anton Koovti, Pascal Zoghbi, Christian Schwartz and Xavier Dupre.

Bezier Interaction

This is a start to do some cool merging in pure Python. Original code was in javascript and I translated into Python so it can be used for a mergePen in UFO. Fun Fun Fun

Workshop Ecal I

A workshop at Ecal in Lausanne (22-26 october 2007), I gave with the assistance of Clement Gallet, to first and second year students of the Graphic Design Department. The workshop contains basic python and drawBot.

FontShop 96 #9

A magazine for FontShop BeNeLux, in collaboration with Marnix van den Blucke and Lies Defossez.