They have put up the sign last month, I think.

Guess what it isnt Futura(typeface) by Paul Renner, it is Myriad(typeface) or was it Arial Black.

Calling a store or a product 2000 sounded extremely futuristic in the previous millennium. Calling your store 2000 now is just silly, been there, done that :)

Maybe they should call there store Futura next (make sense, no?).

And actually the rest of the typography is also wrong: fake smallcaps, weird ‘E’, ‘R’ in De Gentenaar and dull ‘A’


commented, on October 27, 2009 at 4:23 p.m.: kan een custom type voor hun maken, kan je ons adres doorgeven ?
Betere service kunnnen ze niet krijgen, toch niet in de buurt

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