From 2007 until 2009 I have added 17 articles to my site. This is extremely poor. The main problem was a not-so-well-designed admin section. It was complicated to make a post. So I redesigned the admin section.

The new admin has a cool mulitfile upload. Thanks to safari 4 and his support for html5 its possible to have the same form file upload but with support multiple files . This is connected to my django web app with XMLHttpRequest so files are upload on the fly. For a simple working example click here .

All menu’s and content related info comes straight from the database. This allows me to be more flexible on the layout of my site.

The css is also fine-tuned and has a nice @font-face thing, thanks to Peter for the idea behind it :) (only for safari4, firefox 3.4 beta and Opera 10 Beta)

enjoy it!

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